LCS has been involved with designing, constructing and maintaining wetlands successfully for 20 years.

Our wetland specialists are qualified and well-experienced in Plant Species Requirements, Natural Resource Management, Wetlands and Biodiversity best practices to establish and preserve ecological systems.

Wetlands are among the most productive ecosystems in the world—comparable to rainforests. While covering only 6% of the Earth’s surface, wetlands provide a disproportionately high number of ecosystem services that benefit, sustain and support the environmental, social and economic well-being of people.

There are many types of natural wetlands ranging from rivers, swamps and lakes to estuaries that support various wetland plants and animals.

LCS has planted, established and maintained the following wetland ecosystems that are critical to improving water quality and for the conservation of biodiversity:

  • Noarlunga Downs Wetlands
  • Felixstow Reserve Wetlands
  • Cooke Reserve Wetlands
  • Old Port Road Median Wetlands
  • Westlakes Golf Course Wetland
  • SA Water Wetlands
  • Tabernacle Wetland
  • Springbank Wetlands
  • Adams Creek Wetland
  • Mildura South Wetlands
  • Kingfisher Reserve Wetlands
  • Mahogany Reserve Wetland
  • Edinburgh Street Wetlands
  • Glenelg Wetlands
  • Andrews Farm Wetland Davoren Road (Stage 1)
  • Andrews Farm Wetland Curtis Road (Stage 2)
  • Oaklands Park Wetlands
  • Lake Windemere Wetland
  • Bridgestone Park Wetland
  • Park 19 – Pityarilla
  • Park 20 – Blue Gum Park / Kurangga

Valued Clients & Partners

LCS has developed and maintained lasting relationships with Civil Companies and Local Governments with our specialist wetland services over the past 20 years.