Providers of Hydroseeding and Native Seeding in South Australia for the past 20 years.

m2 Hydroseeded
Mine Sites

Experienced in the fast and effective application of both native and introduced species. This technique eliminates dust immediately and provides a sound basis for promoting the growth of plants.

Hydroseeding is the perfect application for rehabilitating industrial and mine sites with dust issues or high erosion potential and contaminated analytes.

The species mix of plants can be customised for highly saline or aggressive soil conditions to ensure successful coverage.

Erosion is effectively prevented using hydroseeding on steep and exposed slopes. Ameliorates, soil binders and slow-rate fertilisers can be optimised for bespoke applications.

Our fleet of hydroseeding trucks is specially modified for applying native seeds to ensure a higher germination rate.

Our successful experience rehabilitating difficult environments with native species gives us enduring confidence in hydroseeding.

Within South Australia, LCS Environmental are among the few accredited companies that offer hydroseeding using endemic species.

South Australian experts in native hydroseed revegetation

Our experienced, highly qualified & trained staff have worked on mines, rail & highway revegetation corridors, revegetation and biodiversity projects to the highest Australian Safety, Environmental, and Quality standards.

All our staff have white cards, undertake regular physicals & drug testing, complete all on-site inductions, and supply a Quality Management Plan, Inspection & Test Plan (ITP), and Safe Work Method and Environmental Statements (SWMES) before the commencement of each project.

Detailed case studies and progress reports are provided with aerial mapping and photos of vegetation growth.

Hydroseed & Hydromulch Materials

We offer a complete range of revegetation and erosion control solutions to ensure that your specifications and requirements are met with a competitive advantage.

From recycled paper mulch to the DuraVeg® range, we offer environmentally friendly solutions for your project that look good and provide soil stabilisation for healthy vegetation growth.

DuraVeg® Wood Fibre

DuraVeg® Wood Fibre is Australian made from 100% PEFC (Good Wood) certified Australian timber. Wood chips are thermo mechanically refined through a high pressure vessel and double-disk refiner into a highly fibrelated, phytosanitized wood fibre. A durable, high performing and fully biodegradable natural erosion control cover designed for rapid hydraulic application. It includes a surfactant and defoamer, ensuring faster dispersion during tank loading and a +20% higher fibre to water loading ratio.

Profile® HPM Cellulose

The Cleanest, Most Consistent, Cellulose Mulch Available. Profile® Products, the makers of Flexterra® HP-FGM™, is the world’s largest manufacturer of hydraulic mulches and unsurpassed in developing new erosion control and vegetation establishment technologies. You can be assured that any Profile hydraulic mulch you use or specify represents “best in class.” Our cellulose mulch and cellulose fiber mulch with tackifier are no exception.

Profile® HPM Wood

Profile® Thermally Refined® wood fibers have dramatically more surface area which generates greater yield, interlock, loft and coverage, compared to coarser and shorter atmospherically refined fibers typically found in competitive wood mulches.

Flexterra® HP-FGM™

Flexterra® HP-FGM™ represents the next generation in Flexible Growth Media and is proven to surpass the original’s outstanding performance. Fine grading and extensive soil preparation are unnecessary, allowing you to apply the product for immediate protection and superior performance at reduced overall costs.

ProMatrix™ EFM™

ProMatrix™ with patented Engineered Fiber Matrix™ (EFM™) technology was created to give you an edge when bidding on jobs requiring BFM/SMM hydraulic products. Not only does ProMatrix assure the erosion control and vegetative establishment you expect from Profile Products, it’s available at a competitive price. You get superior performance and sustainable results, in an-easy-to-apply and cost-effective solution.

DuraVeg® Fibre Matrix™

DuraVeg® Fibre Matrix™ is a fully biodegradable, Fibre Matrix™ (FM) composed of 100% recycled Thermally Refined® virgin wood fibres and tackifier. The FM is phytosanitised, free from plastic netting, and upon application forms an intimate bond with the soil surface to create a porous, absorbent and flexible erosion resistant blanket that allows for rapid germination and accelerated plant growth.

DuraVeg Fibre Matrix is laboratory tested in Australia and exceeds Bonded Fibre Matrix requirements.


For a superior soil stabiliser, mulch binder and dust suppressant, choose EnviroBond for your next project with a C-factor as low as 0.001 you can be assured Envirobond will stop the erosion in its tracks. EnviroBond can be mixed with water in any proportion and applied via water truck and guaranteed to not harm pump seals, in accordance with the soil structure, gradient and area of terrain to be treated. Designed to penetrate and bind to soil, EnviroBond produces a three-dimensional honeycomb matrix throughout the topsoil layer – ensuring the soil remains permeable and the soil structure is maintained – enhancing seed germination and minimising erosion from rain drop impact and overland flow. Non-toxic, biodegradable and easy-to-use, EnviroBond is proven to work – time and time again and has been independently lab tested.


EnviroStraw’s hero product, EnviroMatrix (ECM) is an all-in-one product packaged into one bale. It is an advanced BGA (Biotic Growth Amendment) designed to control erosion with its added binders and natural long strand interlocking fibers, it addresses the biological, chemical, and physical requirements for stabilising and restoring vegetation on disturbed soil sites. ECM is suitable for all sites even where topsoil is scarce, or for highly problematic soils with low carbon levels. ECM includes a diverse range of carefully selected strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi with included bio-stimulants and other carbon building inputs. It is ideal for use on all construction sites and for revegetating any area including extreme slopes, it is native plant ready. ECM requires less water and improves water use efficiencies (WUE), resulting in significant cost savings.


EnviroStraw BFM is designed to improve erosion control, and to stabilse and restore vegetation on disturbed soil sites. EnviroStraw BFM, produced from Australian annually renewable materials, consists of heat and mechanically treated cereal straw, cellulose and wood fibres which are environmentally safe and biodegradable. The porous hydromulch layer encourages water infiltration, enabling new seedlings to easily pass through the matrix. The combination of the fibres and cross-linked, high strength polymer binders provides effective erosion prevention and vegetation establishment. Better outcomes are ensured due to the product’s improved water use efficiency (WUE) reducing the water volume required to apply the product by up to 50%.


EnviroStraw’s hydro-seeding mulch Hydraulic Growth Media (HGM), is an innovative hydromulch product made right here in Australia. Formulated from annually renewable natural fibres, and including bio-stimulants and a bespoke blend of 22 species of bacteria and fungi, it is designed to rebuild disturbed soils on construction sites. Better outcomes are ensured with improved water use efficiency (WUE) as the product requires less water to apply which helps reduce costs. Using HGM allows up to fifty per cent more mulch per tank load which means spraying 50 % more area – less time filling tanks and more productive days.


A next generation hydromulch that’s a hydraulic growth media, bonded fibre matrix and biotic growth amendment all in one – just add the seed and spray.

As global leaders in microbial revegetation, Envirostraw’s all-in-one BFM Complete truly raises the bar for Australasian hydromulch products. Composed of thermally processed natural plant-derived fibre and including 22 bacteria and fungi, CRF controlled-release, mineral-based fertiliser, bio-stimulants, probiotics and soil conditioners, BFM Complete is a native-plant friendly solution that meets Australian standards for soil conditioners.

World-leading soil surface protection
BFM Complete’s unique and world-leading combination of polymers includes naturally derived hydrocolloid bio-friendly polymers and organic water absorbents. BFM Complete forms a bond with the soil surface to create a continuous, porous, absorbent and flexible erosion-resistant mulch matrix that allows for rapid germination and plant growth – providing up to 6 months of outstanding soil surface protection.

Native Seeding

We work closely with our native seed suppliers to ensure that seed viable, has high germination rates and is collected sustainably from locations across South Australia.

Our custom native seed seeder sows the seeds directly into the soil based on the seed species requirements, to achieve optimal germination and establishment.

The native seed seeder can be used in conjunction with planting nursery grown seedlings and hydroseeding as the three revegetation techniques combined help to establish the diversity of the overstorey, middle storey and understorey providing habitats for wildlife and insects.