At LCS Environmental, we provide complete Habitat Revegetation, Biodiversity & Bushcare

LCS Environmental understands that biodiversity plays a critical role in maintaining the natural function of ecological systems. Losing biodiversity can change the way the natural world functions and can have severe, unpredictable impacts that are sometimes irreversible.

Encouraging biodiversity is the best way to build resilience, with the ability to bounce back from the impacts of threats, pressures and disasters; the more variety we maintain in nature, the greater the chance that some species will survive and adapt in the future.

Habitat Revegetation & Biodiversity

LCS Environmental offers a wide variety of provenance tube stock, plants, trees, grasses and direct seeding services to Government bodies, Councils, Schools and Landowners/Managers of any size.

We specialise in endemic species selection and propagation; by taking the time to understand and scientifically research the site’s requirements, we maximise the project’s overall success.

Holistic planning and management is an intrinsic component of our approach to handling pests, weeds, erosion control, contamination, soil amelioration, seasonal variations, fire control measures and other impacts. We can also provide rocks, logs and different habitats suitable for local fauna.

We can maintain sites until it becomes self-sustaining ecosystem. Species mix can be customised to minimise fuel loading, with hydroseeding another LCS specialty.

Native seed collection

LCS Environmental provides and sources local provenance seed where possible, utilising licensed seed collectors for large-scale revegetation & hydroseeding projects.

Many factors affect the per kilogram price of seed between species, as each species sets seed at different times of the year, and availability can depend on seasonal variables, the location and the difficulty of collection.

LCS Environmental has multiple seed banks that we utilise, we specialise in the collection and propagation of rare & endangered species to help save threatened South Australian plants from extinction.

Plant Propagation

Our Edinburgh Parks Nursery is a wholesale production Nursery located on the plains 21km north of Adelaide.

We specialise in growing quality tubestock and 140mm pots of South Australian indigenous flora from the greater Northern Adelaide botanical zone and regions.

Our plants are grown in full sun, perfect for local climate and conditions.

Edinburgh Parks Nursery is Industry accredited since 2015.

Coastal, Riparian & Creekline Restoration

LCS has planted, established and maintained the following Coastal, Riparian, Creekline ecosystems that are critical to the conservation of biodiversity:

  • Park 19 – Pityarilla Creekline
  • Park 20 – Blue Gum Park / Kurangga Creekline
  • Christies Creek
  • Mangrove Park – revegetation project
  • Mutton Cove
  • Ruppia translocation in the Coorong


LCS Environmental hand plant species using augers, mattocks, Hamilton, Finnputki and Pottiputki planters; each plant is carefully planted, incorporating fertiliser with water-saving granules and watered in to aid in establishment.

Different planting methods are used to suit the individual site & climatic conditions, including weed spraying, deep ripping, cultivation, the addition of soil ameliorants and fertilisers, mounding, furrow lining, water bowl creation and tree guarding.

Trees can have biodegradable tree guards installed, which protects them from animals and creates a micro-climate within the guard before they break down and are incorporated into the soil.

Maintenance & Watering

LCS Environmental undertakes weed control by undertaking guarded spot spraying around trees and plants while utilising water trucks and water cubes until successful establishment.

Herbaceous & Woody Weed Control

From conservation reserves, road rehabilitation and re-vegetated industrial sites, LCS Environmental has a solution to every weed issue. Grassy weeds, woody weeds, weed eradication and population control activity are services we regularly undertake.

LCS Environmental has fully licensed weed and pest control certifications and a variety of weed control vehicles and applicators. We carefully and successfully manage weeds within South Australian water catchments and other environmentally sensitive locations. Legacy mining and industrial sites often have weed issues that require additional safety management strategies to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Organisations that LCS Environmental & Staff Support