LCS has worked on Coastal, Riparian, Creekline Restoration & Remediation projects successfully for 20 years.

Our specialists are qualified and well-experienced in Plant Species Requirements, Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity best practices to establish and preserve ecological systems.

LCS has planted, established and maintained the following Coastal, Riparian, Creekline ecosystems that are critical to the conservation of biodiversity:

  • Park 19 – Pityarilla Creekline
  • Park 20 – Blue Gum Park / Kurangga Creekline
  • Christies Creek
  • Mangrove Park – Mangrove & revegetation project
  • Mutton Cove
  • Ruppia translocation in the Coorong

Valued Clients

LCS has developed and maintained lasting relationships with Civil Companies and Local Governments with our specialist Coastal, Riparian, Creekline Restoration & Remediation services over the past 20 years.