At LCS Environmental, we provide Bushfire Mitigation & Prevention Services

In 2019-20 Australia experienced the most catastrophic bushfire season in the country’s history, and the impacts will be felt for years to come.

Up to 19 million hectares were burnt, with 12.6 million hectares primarily forest and bushland. 1 billion animals perished, 34 human lives were lost, and around 2,700 homes were destroyed.

Climate change is already increasing the risk of bushfires in South Australia, with the fire season starting earlier and lasting longer.

LCS Environmental has undertaken work with the Australian Government, Local Councils and private property owners to proactively undertake activities like removing weeds and slashing vegetation, which helps lessen the risk, intensity and spread of future bushfires.

Slashing, Brushcutting & Vegetation Removal

Dry grasses provide fine fuels that spread bushfires, and when the flames come into contact with dry fine fuels, they heat up quickly and ignite, causing fire to spread and removing fine fuels reduces the risk of fire spreading.

The main methods of reducing grass fuel loads are weed-spraying when it is green and slashing grass once it has died. If a fire does occur, it’s less likely to spread beyond the slashed area. The fire will slow down or stop, and the flames here will be smaller, making it easier for firefighters to suppress.

Controlled Burning

LCS Environmental uses the ecological process of fire as a tool to reduce fuel loads, control weeds and help native plants to germinate & establish.

Guided by the CFS and DEW guidelines and restrictions, all staff are trained in fuel load management techniques.

Valued Clients

LCS has developed and maintained lasting relationships with Local Government, Private Companies & Landholders over the past 19 years.