At LCS Environmental, we are committed to creating a sustainable future through carbon neutrality for our environment and addressing climate change in an immediate and impactful way.

With over 20 years of experience & projects as part of the LCS Group, we are focused on providing unparalleled service that exceeds your expectations and results that help you succeed in making a positive impact against climate change.

LCS Environmental is committed to immediate action to address climate and biodiversity risks within South Australia.

Through collaboration and partnerships with local government and businesses, we are working toward a clean, green & circular economy that encourages communities to address local climate challenges and implement local solutions.

Trees Planted
m2 Hydroseeded
Revegetation Projects
Bushfire Mitigation Projects
Mine Sites

Our expert environmental team aim to restore and create more resilient & biodiverse ecosystems in the fight against climate change by providing the following services:

Habitat Revegetation, Biodiversity & Bushcare

LCS Environmental provides revegetation services to local councils, government, private landholders, natural resource management boards, civil and mining companies.

For projects of any scale, from project planning through site preparations, planting and ongoing site maintenance, we specialise in revegetation projects, conservation reserves, coastal, riparian and creekline ecosystems, road rehabilitation and mine sites.

Hydroseeding & Native Seeding

LCS Environmental provides hydroseeding, hydromulching, dust suppression and erosion control solutions to commercial, civil and mining sites across South Australia.

Hydroseeding is the hydraulic application of a mixture of seed, water, fertiliser, and tackifiers with either paper mulch, wood fibres, or cellulose mulch with a tracking dye sprayed on the topsoil for a fast, economical and efficient way to revegetate areas.

Bushfire Mitigation & Prevention

LCS Environmental works with the Australian Government, Local Councils and private property owners to proactively undertake activities like removing weeds and slashing vegetation, which helps lessen the risk, intensity and spread of future bushfires.

Wetland Maintenance

Our wetland specialists are qualified and well-experienced in Plant Species Requirements, Natural Resource Management, Wetlands and Biodiversity best practices to establish and preserve ecological systems.

Organisations that LCS Environmental Support